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As of Oct 13th, 2012

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MenuMagic v2 (beta build
released Sept 8, 2012  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Fixed bug where MenuMagic would open with an error if user switched system date settings on PC between Month/Day/Year and a Day/Month/Year format after having last run MenuMagic.
Status tab


New - Status Detail Grid now displays stats for Excluded plug-ins.
MenuMagic's Status Tab - Excluded Plug-in info


Corrected calculations used for displaying Sonar Plug-in Limit Exceeded warning.
Testing found errors in Cakewalk's posted specs.


Fixed bug where if you were on the Status tab when you did a program Revert that the Status tab would not update until you left it and switched back to it.
Settings/Options tab - Appearance settings


Fixed bug where when using the skin color mutation features that the Grid Coloration labels would only change to their new colors after you switched to another tab then back.

Categorization tab


New - Added warning when Excluding plug-in that exclusions only take effect if session is saved.

MenuMagic v2 (beta build
released Sept 6, 2012  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Fixed bug in the importing/upgrading of v1 settings.


Installation steps for separate v2 installation with all of your v1 settings.



Make a copy of your MenuMagic v1 folder



Install MenuMagic v2 into that copied folder

Fixed bug where after saving Session a plug-in listing (within MenuMagic) could forget if it was 32 or 64 bit.

Fixed minor memory leak that occurred when you used the restart feature in MenuMagic.

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MenuMagic v1.8.2.8
released Sept 2, 2012  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where MenuMagic would mistakenly warn you that there were unsaved changes when exiting the program even if you had just saved your session.
.Fixed bug that occurred on some systems when trying to save a Sonar plug-in menu layout.

Fixed a number of bugs related to resizing the program form including...


Sometimes some of the text on Status tab would move off of form.


With multiple monitors saving MenuMagic with large form size would sometimes load program with program title bar off screen.

Fixed a variety of issues with the Dupe Fixer.

New Status tab feature – warning of exceeding Sonar Max plug-in limit.

New “Tools” tab.

New layout to Settings/Options tab.

Improved Plug-in Visibility Filter


Now can filter plug-ins based on bit level (32 and/or 64 bit).


Works better with dark skins.

Help content updated.

Numerous minor bug fixes, tweaks, enhancements, etc...

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MenuMagic v1.8.0.0
released Aug 12, 2012  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes
GUI is now resizable!
  Program layout/tabs/sub-screens have been redesigned to intelligently support resizing.


Change size & shape to your preferences!
Remember to use the setting under Settings/Options tab, Appearance Options to save your settings!
The Plug-in Count Stats area on the Status Tab now has option to display grid lines.


Makes it easier to read when Gui is larger size.

Help and Hints fixes.


Fixed bug that prevented hints from displaying in Options/Settings tab in the Foldout Control Center areas.


Built-in Program Help cleaned up and updated.
- Fixed bug in Help compiler that cause corruption in resized images.
- Help has been updated to address most of the significant changes in the v2 beta..

Rewrote code that insures that MenuMagic loads on existing monitor.


Prevents MenuMagic for loading offscreen if you switch from using multi-monitors back to one or change monitor orientation.
Both of which can easily happen if you are using a laptop with external monitors.

Fixed bug introduced in previous v2 beta that affected dx plugins where if same file is used to for multiple plug-in personalities that all the personalities would show same plug-in name.


For example one of the Cakewalk DX's, DynamicsProcessor.Ax, shows up and functions as 4 separate plug-ins.

Plug-in Info Grid


File Name and Path are now separate columns - both were former part of FullPath.


Make's it possible to set up sorts based on File Name, Path and combinations that were not previously possible.

Settings/Options tab

  New layout give more space for existing items & those to come.

Numerous tweaks & other enhancements.

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MenuMagic v1.7.1.0
released Jan 22, 2012  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Fixed bug that crashed MenuMagic if the system language for the PC used a comma as the decimal point (i.e. languages of countries using the metric system).
Fixed bug in error handler that failed to properly log certain error types (such as the error that should have been logged with the previous mentioned issue).

Installer now creates an install log file.

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MenuMagic v1.7.0.0
released Jan 21, 2012  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes
General changes:

MenuMagic no longer requires elevation or admin rights to run.
MenuMagic will now only ask for elevation when it is being run for the first time on a new system.

Various tweaks

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MenuMagic v1.6.6.9
released Jan 6th, 2012  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Menu Creation tab
Fixed problem with folder names/plug-in names when using Russian (this should fix Hebrew as well but didn't verify).
Now supports any language that is UTF-8 compatible. So this should work for any language that Sonar officially supports and quite a number of others.

Various tweaks
Minor performance tweaks.
Fixed a couple of minor glitches with the skinning.

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MenuMagic v1.6.6.7
released Dec 28, 2011  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Added support to allow user to create menus and rename plug-ins using non-english languages. Work in progress.

Menu Creation Tab


Expanded the Drag'n'Drop capabilities of the Menu Creation tab.


Optimized the working of the menu trees
Name Fixes Tab & Categorization Tab
  New - Plug-in type id mode shows the plug-in type (vst, vsti, dx, dxi, 32 or 64bit) in the work areas so that you know what you're dealing with.
Setup/Options Tab
  New additional skins

Other changes to minor & numerous to list.

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