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MenuMagic v1.6.6.3
released Jan 4th, 2012  
Various tweaks

Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks.

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MenuMagic v1.6.6.0
released Aug 14th, 2011  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes
General changes:

All dialog and message windows have either been updated or replaced through the entire program. So if you are using multiple monitors...


All message dialogs (notices, confirmations, warnings, etc.) should popup in the center of MenuMagic


Other types of dialogs (load or save file, etc.) will popup in the same monitor or if MenuMagic is straddling monitors whatever monitor contains most of MenuMagic.
Status tab changes:

Status messages that indicate that your plug-in menus may need to be updated are now color accented to stand out more.


Relevant status lines are now show in accented color if Cakewalk’s VST Scanner has been run* since the last time you updated/created your Plug-in Menu(s).
MenuMagic can detect if Cakewalk VST Plug-in Scanner actually made changes to Cakewalk’s plug-in database. 
The “plug-in scanner last update” label shows the date of the last scan where there were changes to  made to Cakewalk’s plug-in database.
So if you run Cakewalk’s Plugin Scanner and Cakewalk’s plug-in database has not been changed the date will remain unchanged.


When the notification labels are active the mouse over tooltips now will show the contents of these labels messages.
This was done just in case your color scheme makes the screen message too hard to read (MenuMagic tries to select a color that is readable against whatever your current skin color is but if your pick something truly god-awful then this should help)
Plug-in Info Grid changes:

The Bright slider in the Plug-Info Grid screen that controls the grid colors now behaves the same as the color mutation sliders in the Settings/Options tab.
You can Ctrl-Click to return slider to its default position.

Dupe Fixer changes:

The Bright slider that controls the grid colors now behaves the same as the color mutation sliders in the Settings/Options tab.
You can Ctrl-Click to return slider to its default position.

Fixed screen corruption that sometimes occurred when moving splitter (changing the size of the top vs bottom panel).

Fixed error that occurred if you changed the brightness slider then tried closing the Dupe Fixer before the screen had finished updating.
Now the screen is locked until updating is finished.
Menu Creation tab changes:

Fixed bug in Sonar Menu Creation where for UnCategorized plug-ins 'original plug-in name' was data was missing..
This bug caused no know problems.

Settings/Options tab changes:

Fixed bug in the ”Scan for VST Plug-ins on Sonar/P5 Startup” area of the Foldout Control Center.


Was not working on Sonar X1.


Changed content of the Done message for more clarity.

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MenuMagic v1.6.5.6
released Aug 8th, 2011  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Fixed bug in 'Add/Remove VST Scan Folders' button, located in the Settings/Options tab under the Foldout Control Center.
Bug was created in v1.6.4.5 and cause a program error when button was clicked.

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MenuMagic v1.6.5.2
released Aug 2nd, 2011  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

The 'Full Screen' button would disappear after the screen was restored back to normal size.

Using the "Expand All" button in Full Screen mode would sometimes cause an access failure error.

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MenuMagic v1.6.5.0
released July 28, 2011  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Fixed 'Failed to set data for 'PluginMenuLayouts_orig' bug that on some systems could occur on a new MenuMagic installation.

Changes in the Settings/Options tab


Fixed bug in Foldout Control Center area of the Settings/Options tab.
Bug could occur if you opened one or more of the panels in the Foldout Control Center and then switched to Status tab.

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MenuMagic v1.6.4.7
released July 26, 2011  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Changes in the Settings/Options tab.


Modified the layout to the "Appearance Options" panel in the Settings/Options tab to be more intuitive.


New 'Use Extended Borders' checkbox added below the skin selector drop box in the Appearance Options panel of the Settings/Options tab. This checkbox is only enabled when selected skin supports extended borders.


Changed name of skin 'Vienna' to 'Vienna Extended'.

Change in behavior of skin engine.
Aero support of extended form borders is now turned off by default.
Skin engine will now only enable extended border support when


the selected skin supports it


and the 'Use Extended Borders' checkbox (if control is enabled) is checked.

Updated Plug-in auto categorization database - now references over 1100 plug-ins.

Various minor enhancements and fixes.

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MenuMagic v1.6.4.5
released July 21, 2011  
New Features

Redesigned the layout to the "Appearance Options" panel in the "Settings / Options" tab to be more intuitive.


New AutoSave option to save changes in "Appearance Options" settings such as programs screen location, color settings, etc.


New Alpha slider - controls the transparency of the MenuMagic program.

New Plug-in Info Grid sample layouts!.



12 sample layouts now included with MenuMagic demonstrating different sorting orders for plug-ins.
Plug-in Info Grid is a great diagnostic tool for seeing how Sonar is handling your plug-ins.
These are the 12 most requested layouts requested by customers. These sample layouts show you different ways that you can sort and organize the plug-in grid information so that you can quickly see how your plug-ins are organized, problems with duplicates, the file locations etc..

New skinning engine!


Fixes some old issues and is required for future design changes.


Adds compatibility with multi-screen managers such as Display Fusion.


10 New skins - 2 of which (Sapphire and Vienna) take advantage of Windows 7 Aero capabilities.


Control program transparency by using the Alpha slider in Appearance Options panel in the Settings/ Options tab.


Program Save and Open file dialog windows now match those used by operating system.


Skins names are now sorted in the skin chooser drop down list.

New - after using the option to run Cakewalk's Plug-in Scanner you are now offered the option of restarting MenuMagic instead quitting.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Tab switching fix


Previously it was possible to switch tabs, for example from Categorization to Plug-in Status, while the program was busy. This could in some cases cause problems or even program errors.

Categorization tab optimizations


Fixed bug where rapid clicking between Categorization plug-in filters could leave filter indicator showing wrong state.



Tab switching fix - mentioned above, prevents errors by not allowing program to switch tabs while program is in the process of applying Categorization plug-in filter.

Fixed bug created in last release where copies of the plug-in menu layout folder names were added to dropdown list in the Sonar Menu Layout save screen each time you that screen was opened.

Fixed bug where the Display Name of a plug-in layout menu created or modified by Sonar X1 sometimes would not show (be blank) when layout file name was highlighted in MenuMagic's 'Save Sonar Menu Layout' screen.

Improved bug detection/error reporting. Fixed problem where bug reports sometimes failed to capture specific details of an error.

Fixed several small memory leaks in the Sonar Menu Creation screen module.

Removed some test code that should have been removed before the previous release.

Various minor enhancements and fixes.

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MenuMagic v1.6.2.1
released April 4th, 2011  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

New Sonar Editions Selector - if you have more than one Sonar Edition (i.e. Producer, Standard or Essential) installed you can select which one you wish to work with.
Tip: If you save your MenuMagic sessions after you make changes it will remember those changes when switching between different Sonar Editions.



This is part of a major code rewrite in the handling of the different Sonar Editions. This is the 1st of 2 major design changes being made in this area so as to improve speed, handling and make the coding of future updates easier.

Fixed problem with saving Sonar X1 plug-in layout menus when X1 was the only version of Sonar installed.

Fixed problem where some of the Sonitus 64 bit plug-ins would not show up in MenuMagic.

Fixed bug that prevented program from automatically restarting if that was the option chosen after a Global Reset.

Fixed minor memory leak in one of the Sonar support modules.
Fixed the 'access error' that occurred while in Sonar Menu Creation if you clicked on 'Collapse All' while the second menu tree was open and if it contained a clone.
Faster loading! Various optimizations reduce MenuMagic startup time.

Many other minor tweaks and fixes.

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MenuMagic v1.5.1.1
released May 16th, 2010  
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes

Improved handling of DX/DXi plug-ins when using a Windows 64 bit Operation System (XP, Vista, Windows 7).



Fixed problem where some 64bit DX/DXi plugs were not visible to MenuMagic when it was running in 64bit mode. The list of 64bit DX plug-ins shown in MenuMagic now matches those detected by Sonar.



Fixed problem where 64bit DXs plug-ins would sometimes show up in MenuMagic 32bit mode.

Optimizations in DX handling have been applied to Sonar (when running on 32bit OS), Project5 and VST Adapter plug-in layers of MenuMagic.

Plug-in Info Grid has new column to indicate if plug-in (DX or VST) is 32 or 64 bit.

Plug-in Info Grid has new column to indicate if JBridge is being used with a particular plug-in. (*Sonar 8.5 required)

Various minor tweaks and fixes.

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MenuMagic v1.4.2.0
released November 11th, 2009


Improved handling when Sonar 64bit is the only version installed,
i.e. no Sonar 32bit installed.


Changed way that MenuMagic detects Sonar installation.
This fixes the problem that occurs when you add a new Sonar installation of same version but different bit size (for example if you have 32bit version installed and you add new 64bit install) and the VST scanner has not been run (after the install) - MenuMagic would not recognize the 2nd Sonar installation because Sonar's VST inventory had not yet been created for the newly installed version.

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MenuMagic v1.4.1.1
released September 26th, 2009


Fixed several bugs that affected the Pre-Configuration screen (the screen that comes up at the beginning of a new installation or after using Global Reset) if you only had either Sonar or the VST Adapter plug-in systems installed. These didn’t stop the program from functioning but were irritating.

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MenuMagic v1.4.0.0
released September 16th, 2009 


Added support for Sonar8.5 update.
Demo updated.

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MenuMagic v1.3.0.0
released August 10th, 2009


Now Windows7 32/64 bit compatible.
Supports Sonar in either 32bit, 64bit or both (if Sonar is installed correctly)


64 bit OS support added for Sonar Demo and Sonar Studio.


MenuMagic Status tab renamed to Plug-in Status tab.
Naming is more accurate representation of function.


Plug-in Status tab (former named MenuMagic Status).
Fixed bug where items would stay in the Deleted Details list.
With the new build the list is cleared after you click “Save Session” or Implement Menus for the VST Adapter or Project 5.


Name Fixes tab.
Fixed bug that could disable the Plug-in Layer Select buttons.


Categorization tab 
Enhanced Synchronization between Plug-in Layers 
Fixed bug where if your turned off plug-in synchronization and saved one or more sessions that 
some plug-in wouldn't re-sync (would stay in wrong category) when synchronization was turned back on.


Categorization tab
Fixed Synchronization issues of Excluded Plug-ins that occurred when plug-ins were excluded or un-excluded outside of MenuMagic.
This would only have been an issue if you used Cakewalk’s Plug-in Manager to Un-Exclude plug-ins (after having used MenuMagic) - MenuMagic would show these plug-ins as still being Excluded.


Name Fixes tab and Categorization tab
Excluded plug-ins now show up with red font in Categorization tab and Name Fix tabs. Helps identify EXCLUDED plug-ins and prevents accidentally moving excluded plug-ins into other categories.
Note: When you first EXCLUDE a plug-in it will show with a black font until you save your session. This is because the plug-in is not actually excluded until the session is saved!


Menu Creation tab
for Sonar versions 6 and higher - Added hot tracking of cursor over items in menu tree, improves mouse navigation of plug-in menu layouts.


Plug-in Info Grid
Modified plug-ins will now show with red font only after first session is saved.
New plug-ins will show with row# in blue (instead of black).


DupeFixer (in Plug-in Info Grid tab)
The DupeFixer showed some items as “Dupes” where they should have been shown as “Possible Dupes” or not Dupes at all. 
This would effect VST plug-ins that used DirectXer or similar technologies or Waves plug-ins that use the Wave Shell technology.


Setup/Options tab 
Fixed bug with launching Sonar's Plug-in Scanner with Vista x64.


Setup/Options tab 
Fixed bug with VST Scan Folder handling where it would improperly warn you of an embedded path when the folders where identical except
one had additional letters in last path segment. 
For example if you had: D:\plugin-folder1 and D:\plugin-folder111 it would identify the second path as contained in the first.


Enhanced Error Handling 
Fixed problem where if errors occurred while MenuMagic was loading some error messages could pop up under the splash screen and lock up program.


Fixed a number of minor small memory leaks.


Numerous other tweaks & minor enhancements.

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MenuMagic v1.2.0.0
released April 12th, 2009
New Features/Enhancements


MenuMagic now supports Cakewalk DAWs installed on Windows XP64 and Vista64. This includes both 32 and 64 bit versions of Sonar.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug introduced in the previous build of MenuMagic.
Error messages:
“Valtype of reUnknown for:”
would pop up if on some installations when MenuMagic tried to back up Sonar settings..

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MenuMagic v1.1.1.1
released April 4th, 2009  
New Features/Enhancements


Number of ‘under the hood’ tweaks.


Added support for features that will appearing in future releases of MenuMagic.

Bug Fixes


You can no longer turn off MenuMagic support for all Cakewalk plug-in systems.
This left MenuMagic in an unusable state.


Fixed problem in the Initial Configuration screen (only shows the first run of a new installation or after a Global Reset) where warning messages could pop up underneath the form locking up program.


If you were in the expanded/undocked Plug-in Info Grid or Dupe Fixer and minimized the program you were not able to restore it. I.E. the program would be inaccessible and you would have bring up the Windows Task Manager to kill MenuMagic or reboot before you could use MenuMagic again.
Minimizing and restoring now works as it should for these two screens and all other areas of MenuMagic.


Fixed bug in Demo version where when the demo expired the expiration message hid behind the splash screen making it look like the program had locked up.


Fixed problem that occurred on some systems where the Dupe Fixer would produce an error message if no duplicate plug-ins where found.


Fixed bug where when you closed the Dupe Fixer instead of returning to the Plug-in Info Grid that you found yourself in the Help system instead.


Fixed problem where when closing MenuMagic you would get the message
'It appears that there are unsaved changes.'
when you had made no changes.

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MenuMagic v1.1.0.3
released Feb 2nd, 2009
New Features/Enhancements


You can copy and paste scan folder paths to/from different plug-in layers
(Sonar 6+, Project5 or VST Adapter).

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MenuMagic v1.1.0.0
released Jan 18th, 2009
New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes


The Plug-in Dupe Fixer which first appeared in the v1.1 betas has been totally redesigned.



New layout show all detected dupes in all plug-in system layers.
Plug-in Dupe Fixer details


Plug-in Info Grid tab changes



Fixed bug in Plug-in info grid where default extension to save html version of grid was 'thml'.



Fixed bug where you could save HTML file with invalid extesions, saved plugin grid layout file now forces file extension to be .html


MenuMagic Help



Fixed bug where if you used the Next or Previous buttons within the Help view that you were not return back to the original tab when you existed Help view.



All the help content has been updated.


Numerous minor tweaks, bug fixes and improvements.

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MenuMagic v1.0.4.3 (beta of v1.1)
released Sept 7th, 2008   
Bug Fixes


VST folder scan list launcher fixed.
 Changing the VST scan folders list for Sonar
This unfortunately got broken in previous build.


On MenuMagic status page - the status line that showed the date of the last time the Menus were updated for the VST Adapter or Project5 was coming up blank.

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MenuMagic v1.0.4.0 (beta of v1.1)
released Sept 2nd, 2008
New Features/Enhancements


Enhanced MenuMagic Status tab
For Project5 and Sonar (v6 or higher) - the MenuMagic Status tab now shows you the date that Plug-in scanner was last updated.
MenuMagic Status tab enhancement


New Duplicate Plug-in Fixer!
Shows you the duplicate plug-ins installed on your system and gives you the means to compare and, if desired, disable them.
MenuMagic Plug-in Dupe Fixer screen

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MenuMagic v1.0.3.4 (beta of v1.1)
released August 10th, 2008
New Features/Enhancements


Completed implementation of limited user enhancements specifically for Project5.
Fixed problem where if you are a non-admin user and you run the program as another user who has admin privileges that the P5 menu changes would be applied to the admin account (not your limited login account).


Added initial configuration form
MenuMagic initial configuration screen
This screen only comes up on initial startup of MenuMagic and allows your to control settings that effect how MenuMagic handles plug-ins on loading.


A variety of minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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MenuMagic v1.0.3.0 (beta of v1.1)
released July 16th, 2008
New Features/Enhancements

MenuMagic Status tab


The Status Grid is now resizable!
Status Grid expander in action


Status Grid - Deleted plug-in information now shows what category plug-in was assigned to, if that category still exists.

Categorization tab


Under 'Plug-Ins' (left list)
Added radio button named "New" (between Non-Cats and All) to display all new plug-ins detected since last saved MenuMagic session.
Filter button to display all new plug-ins detected since last saved MenuMagic session.


 Under 'Plug-Ins' (left list)
When you single click on an item in the left list box if the radio button is not set on "Non-Cats" the 2nd line will now display the category that the item is assigned to.
 I.E. "category" |||| "original plug-in name"
Categorization tab new features (click to zoom)


Warning message - "Categories require at least 2 items!"



Eliminated message if selected Plug-in System layer is Sonar 6.2x or greater.
Message is only applicable for Project5 and the VST Adapter.



Moved message position to top, next to Category label to prevent getting in the way of plug-in info displayed underneath ListBoxes.



Changed font color of message to maroon for better visibility.

Settings / Options tab


Under "Launch CW Plug-in Manager"
New 'Add / Remove’ control buttons for Sonar 6/7 and Project5!
Change folders to scan for VST plug-ins



You can now control the list of folders to scan for VST plug-ins.




You can add or delete folders in the VST Scan Folders list.


When you save your changes MenuMagic checks for duplicate & recursive paths so that list is optimized.




Adding folders to scan for VST plug-ins  Optimization of scan paths for VST plug-ins

Plug-in Info Grid tab


Improved search mode response - hitting Ctrl-F to bring up search mode will now work anytime you have the Plug-in Info Grid tab open.
Plug-in Info Grid search box detail

MenuMagic built-in program Help


Content updated to include all post v1.0 changes.


Plug-in Info Grid help completed

Numerous small tweaks and enhancements.



Bug Fixes:

Save Session - fixed bug where if you tried to close right after saving a session you would be told that there appear to be unsaved changes

Categorization tab


When selected Plug-in System layer is Sonar 6.2x or greater and you have only one plug-in assigned to category the message "Categories require at least 2 items!" will no longer show

Settings / Options tab


Report Bug button - fixed problem that occurred on some systems where if you tried to send bug report and MenuMagic was unable to create an email message for the bug report that MenuMagic could hang because it was then trying to email an error report about the failure to email an error report...


Fixed errors that occurred if you open then closed Registry Backups panel (in the Settings / Options tab) then went to Status tab.

Menu Creation tab


Sonar 6.2x or greater - Fixed bug where if there were no previous (Sonar 6/7) plug-in menu layouts MenuMagic would generate an error.

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MenuMagic v1.0.2.7 released June 9th, 2008


Improvements in saving plug-in menu layouts for Sonar6.x & higher



Improved file name / display name handling.



Fixed glitch where file name sometimes displayed with double extension.

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MenuMagic v1.0.2.6 released June 6th, 2008


Corrected problem in supporting Sonar Studio.

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MenuMagic v1.0.2.4 released May 31st, 2008
Menu Creation – Sonar 6.2+ changes


Fixed bug where if you had never created a plug-in layout before (with Sonar’s built-in tools) you would get an error when you tired to save your first layout in MenuMagic


.If you have both Sonar 6 and Sonar 7 installed and have separate individual locations as to where menu layouts are saved for each version – MenuMagic now correctly refreshes to show you  the existing plug-ins for each version when you switch between them in MenuMagic’s Save Plug-in Menu Layouts window. 


If you have both Sonar 6 and Sonar 7 you can set the default location where MenuMagic  saves Plug-in Menu Layouts to either the default locations for Sonar6, Sonar7 or create a 3rd location just for plug-in layout menu created by MenuMagic. The ‘Reset’ button will now reset the save folder to whatever the current default location is currently being used.

Plug-in Info Grid Enhancements


All grid status indicators are now based on modifications since either program start-up or the last 'Save Session' (whichever action occurred last).


Interactive status with the Plug-in Info Grid
Red font is now used for the following modifications since the last 'Save Session'.
The Plug-in Info Grid will show modified items in red



Name fixes where the difference is more than case changes (i.e. upper or lower case)



Category assignment changes, additions or deletions.  Category renames are ignored.


When you delete a category - plug-ins that were assigned to that category will now display '*CAT_DELETED!*' under the 'Prev Category' column.


New column in grid 'Modified'.
 Shows 'TRUE' if modified, blank if not. This allows you to create sorts based on whether or not plug-ins have been modified.

Plug-in Info Grid bug fixes


The Plug-in Info Grid was updated before the plug-in synchronization took place.
This would cause the Grid not to show the latest changes when you switched plug-in system layers (e.g. switching from P5 to Sonar6) until you switched back a second time.


Column ‘Prev Category’ - was always blank (broken in previous build) .


Column ‘Cat Update’ - fixed inconsistent behavior.  For example not updating when categories were deleted. 


Plug-in Info Grid did not update to show name fixes made in the Category tab*.
*When you double click on a plug-in name in the Category tab you edit the plug-ins display name.

MenuMagic Status tab


Modifications mimic new behaviors of Plug-in Info Grid - except for using the red font since in the modification view only modified items are shown.


Modification view now shows all unsaved modifications made within MenuMagic except for renamed categories (same behavior as the Plug-in Info Grid changes mentioned above).

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MenuMagic v1.0.2.0 released May 27th, 2008


Menu Creation bug with Project5 v2.5
– if you had 2 or more plug-ins in a Category but only one DX/DXi or only one VST/VSTi item, that single item would end being handled as UnCategorized.


If your system has Sonar 6 or 7 installed
If when MenuMagic started the initial plug-in layer system was not the Sonar6.2+ layer(MenuMagic starts on the last plug-in layer system used), and if when you went to the Menu Creation tab (in Sonar6.2+ mode) and then clicked on the Collapse All button you got an error message.  This error may have occurred other places in the MenuCreation tab (in Sonar6.2+ mode) - a variable wasn’t being properly initialized if MenuMagic was started up in plug-in system layers other than Sonar6.2+.

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MenuMagic v1.0.1.0 released May 24th, 2008


Revert button (was disabled when a bug was found just before the 1.0 release) – restores plug-ins names, categorization and plug-in synchronization data back to the last save state or the state of the data once MenuMagic finished loading the data - whichever was last.


A little more information on relevant settings…

Revert does not undo non-data settings made in the Settings / Options tab such as ‘Categorization Settings for New Plug-ins’ settings or “Plug-in System Layer Support” these settings are saved immediately upon changing.

If you wish to undo or reverse the effects of the current auto-categorization or
auto-name cleanup setting you should make the setting changes desired then restart MenuMagic
DO NOT click on SAVE SESSION. On restart MenuMagic will read in your plug-in data using your new option preferences.

If you wish to undo ALL changes made in previous sessions of MenuMagic and start over you can always use the Global Reset button in the Settings/Options tab.


Bug where error.log file was reporting intentionally skipped processes with the VST Adapter as errors.



Improvement in workings of plug-in system layer synchronization. With large numbers of plug-ins can yield upto a 50% speed improvement (of synchronization process).


New Check All / Uncheck All speed buttons on bottom left of the Save Sonar 6/7 Plug-in Manager Layout form. Assigns the current plug-in menu layout to ALL (or none) of Sonar 6 and/or 7 menus systems that use audio plug-in menu layouts.

Fixes & Enhancements:


In the Settings/Options tab, under the Launch CW Plug-in Manager



Fixed bug where the Launch Project5 2.5+ Plug-in Scanner: Bug would cause scan to fail to launch if you had only Project5 v2.5 installed on your system (if you also had Sonar 6 or 7 installed it worked).



Added rescanning options (RescanExisting and RescanFailed) for Project5 2.5+ and Sonar 6.2+ plug-in scanners.

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MenuMagic v1.0.0.0 released May 16th, 2008


Initial release.

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